Grizzly Creek Campout

Description—Join us for our first forest immersion campout! This campout will focus on redwood ecology. Scouts will get to explore and learn about some special animals that live in redwood forests and how they play an important role in the health of the ecosystem.

Guest Presenters—Phil Johnston, professional tracker and mountain lion biologist, will explore animal signs from browsing, scratching, kills, tracks and scat.

John Fraley, Fish and Wildlife Officer, will talk about his role in protecting the fish and wildlife of California and he will share some stories related to bears, elk and deer.

Special Activities—For this campout, scouts can practice observation skills on 3 guided hikes, focusing on owls, animal signs and marbled murrelets; and participate in hands-on activities including track casting, making track books, handling skulls, pelts and antlers, and playing ecology related games.

Date and Time—May 24–26; Scouts and families can arrive as early as 5:00pm on Friday; Program activities will end at 11:00am on Sunday. Last day to register is May 18th.

Location and Directions—Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park; Drive time = approx. 1 hour from Arcata; We have reserved the group campground, ask for 124 Redwood Rangers at the kiosk; Directions: head south on US-101, take exit 685 for CA-36 east; turn left onto CA-36, in 17 miles the park entrance will be on the right.

Costs/Fees—Campout cost is $10 for an individual; $25 for a family; This includes campsite fees and food. Scholarships are available if needed. We received a grant for this campout from the Save the Redwoods League, so these fees will go towards campout adventures for Summer 2019.

Accommodations—Tent camping; Families/scouts will need to bring camping and overnight gear; We will provide a detailed list in advance; Reach out to us if there is something your family will need, we will always do our best to provide extra gear if needed.

Registration—Attendees must register in advance, as space may be limited, and so we can plan appropriately for food and supplies; To register and pay click here.

Questions?—Contact Rover Leaders: Kim Farahmand (, (707)601-5033) or Valerie Eurs (, (707)444-9609)