Start Here

*Otter Registration Waitlisted

Due to the popularity of the otter program, we are waitlisting new otters until we have more adult leaders to start a new otter raft in order to maintain the integrity of the program. Please email us to add your child to the waitlist, or if you’re interested in becoming a leader.

Before Registering

  • Come and check us out in-person.  We encourage interested scouts & adults to come to 1-2 activities before requiring registration.  We have whole group meet ups 1x per month and program (otter, timberwolf & pathfinder) meet ups 1x per month. You can find out dates by checking out the calendar or FB Group page.
  • Join our active FB Group page @124redwoodrangers and ask questions!
  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

We’re on Board… Now what?

Step 1 – Fill out Registration Forms

  • Youth & Adult Scout Registration Form Print them out, fill them in and bring to next meeting or mail them in. (2102 Lewis Ave, Arcata CA)
  • All adults that will be regularly attending 124 Redwood Ranger events (or going on any campout) must fill out the registration form plus pay the $20 background check fee.
  • After registering with BPSA-US, Rovers and Non-Rover Adults (ie. parents/guardians) will receive an email from Verified Volunteers in order to complete their background check. Adults are not cleared to lead youth scouts until the background check is complete. This takes around one week.

Step 2 – Pay Annual Registration Fee

Step 3 – Print out Release & Liability Forms

  • We need them for every adult and child.  We carry these on us in case of emergencies.
  • You can find release forms HERE.
  • Print them out and bring to next meeting or mail them in.

Step 4 – Acquire a Uniform

  • We expect it to take a few weeks to get your uniform put together.
  • Uniform pieces can be purchased online (ie. amazon) or at a retail store(ie. Michaels). Check with your Handbook or section leader for correct colors & where to sew patches. [Otters=Red, Timberwolves=grey, Chipmunks=yellow]

Step 5 – Meet with your Section Leader

  • Get your starting patches, necker & Handbook
  • Go over Health Forms, etc.
  • We’re also looking for more interested section leaders!

Step 6 – Get Your Scout is Invested

  • After your scout meets the minimum Investiture Requirements (see Handbook), your Scout will receive their group patch in a ceremony at a meeting.