PREREGISTRATION/WAITLIST LINK Please add your child to the waitlist. The program filled quickly, and until we have an additional 1-2 leaders (which maintains the integrity of the program) we won’t be able to add any more kids! If you’re a parent that’s interested in being a leader (or have questions) please email Natalie Joachim or Valerie Eurs.

The Timberwolf section is open to youth of all genders, aged 8–10 (grades 3 through 5).

bpsatimberwolvesThe Timberwolf  Section is referred to as a Pack; the smaller group is known as a Six.

The Timberwolf program is focused on hands-on outdoor skills, meaningful community service, and the strengthening of the Pack. There is a lore and magic to the Timberwolf program that is based on The Jungle Book, as written by Robert Baden-Powell‘s friend, Rudyard Kipling. In The Jungle Book, the human child Mowgli is raised in a pack of wolves, and taught The Laws of the Jungle by a series of animals. So, too, the Timberwolf in their Pack will learn the laws of the jungle and the power of community.

Our 124 Redwood Ranger Timberwolves generally meet once a month on a weekday evening, in Arcata, focusing on skill development and badge work. We also meet with our larger troop once a month for an outdoor event. Please see our calendar for upcoming events.

Handbook and Uniform:
BPSA Timberwolf Handbook – Each scout receives a printed/bound handbook when they register with the 124 Redwood Rangers.


Uniforms – These are simply a gray shirt and blue ball cap, and can be purchased either through the BPSA Quartermaster site, or locally. Neckers and patches are provided by our local troop.


Contact our Timberwolf leaders.